9028961_lAs biotechnology, science, and medicine are increasingly moving into areas outside legal understanding and regulation, the potential for injury and abuse is increasing. There are many burgeoning areas involving assisted reproductive technology, stem cell therapy, genetic application to treatment, and drug trials that lack legal clarity. Because of this, patients often become involved in treatment without full knowledge of their legal rights in the case of injury. It takes an attorney with special knowledge and skill to redress injuries in this area. Durrell Law is one firm that can help you determine, what, if any, legal remedy you may have from biotechnology injuries.

Women’s Eggs: Exceptional Endings is the title of Ms. Durrell’s most recent article on the medical, ethical and legal implications of women’s egg donations for assisted reproductive technology and stem cell research. The article was published by Hastings Women’s Law Journal in January 2011 and is part of a book upon which Ms. Durrell is currently working regarding biotechnology torts and the law.

Additional Articles by Justine Durrell on Biotechnology

  • Can the Law Handle Human Cloning? (10/02) Reprinted with permission of TRIAL (October 2002) Copyright American Association for Justice, formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA®)

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