May, 2014 – Plaintiff Magazine published Ms. Durrell’s article, “Defense Mental Exams and Plaintiff’s Psychiatric Diagnosis,” an article explaining the parameters and pitfalls for a plaintiff required to undergo a defense mental examination in California.

June, 2011California Lawyer Magazine interviews Ms. Durrell regarding California’s Law Study Program, which helps aspiring lawyers join the bar.

January, 2011 – The Hastings Women’s Law Journal publishes Ms. Durrell’s article “Women’s Eggs-Exceptional Endings”, an article exploring the medical, ethical and legal implications of women’s egg donation for assisted reproductive technology and stem cell research. The article is part of a book on biotechnology torts and the law.

July 6, 2010 – Writing in connection with an incident in which two persons were barred from a California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) meeting, Ms. Durrell this week called on the California stem cell agency “to return to its commitment to an open and public process.”

Ms. Durrell, who is involved in issues dealing with biotech and women’s health, made the comment in a three-page letter to the 29 members of the board of directors of the $3 billion research effort. Her letter referred to the item last month in the California Stem Cell Report describing the incident at a San Francisco hotel.

Ms. Durrell raised a series of question in connection with the meeting and its implications for procurement of human eggs. Among them were the absence of public notification about the meetings, the justification for exclusion of the public and CIRM’s lack of funding for research into the health consequences on women who provide eggs for research. View Ms. Durrells letter to CIRM.

In December 2009, Ms. Durrell accepted an invitation to join the Advisory Board of the Alliance for Humane Biotechnology.

Ms. Durrell, in collaboration with her RockRose Institute colleagues, Maja Ramsey, Rebecca Westerfield and Dana Curtis, was a Seminar Speaker at the Professional BusinessWomen of California’s San Francisco Conference on May 6, 2009. The four women led a successful interactive session for several hundred participants on the topic “From Conflict to Connection.” Their article by the same title was also accepted for publication in the Spring 2009 issue of PBWC’s Connections magazine ( ).