Sexual Abuse


17099918_lFor over 25 years Maja Ramsey (former partner) and Justine Durrell were pioneers in hundreds of sexual abuse cases including priest abuse, incest, rape, sexual abuse at daycare centers and schools. They were among the first lawyers in the country to handle cases involving sexual abuse by priests and recovered millions of dollars on behalf of the survivors*.

Specializing in sexual abuse, Ms. Ramsey and Ms. Durrell developed innovative theories, conducted national investigations and developed a full understanding of the damages suffered by survivors. Their commitment was:

  • To collaborate whenever possible with church, school or other authorities where the abuse took place, to promote understanding, healing and change;
  • When necessary, to file a lawsuit;
  • To cooperate with local police, district attorneys and the media to locate and criminally prosecute sexual offenders;
  • To participate in legislative efforts to make laws more favorable to the victims;
  • To not engage in confidentiality agreements unless they were necessary to protect the survivor(s) and;
  • To try cases in a fair and just manner winning the best possible result for clients.

I didn’t realize how significant the impact was on me as a victim of priest abuse. Although the abuse happened so many years ago, I was emotionally injured and the wounds were deep….

Ms. Durrell continues to represent clients of sexual abuse upholding these standards. She is willing to advise you as to;

  • Whether you have a viable lawsuit and if she is willing to represent you;
  • Whether it is in your best interest to proceed with a lawsuit and/or;
  • Other actions which might help healing but do not involve a lawsuit.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Durrell for a confidential consultation.

*To read more about the priest/sexual abuse cases in which Justine Durrell and/or Maja Ramsey represented survivors, see the following articles:

The statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse is set forth in California Code of Civil Procedure section 340.1. The limitation period for filing a lawsuit is reduced in the case of suing a public entity to six months after the cause of action accrues. [California Government Code section 901.] This limitation will be extended up to one year in some cases where the person who was injured was a minor during the time required for filing. [California Government Code section 911.6(b)(2).]

The information provided above is set forth as a general guideline for those injured by childhood sexual abuse. It is not intended to be relied upon by any individual without the advice of an attorney and Durrell Law is not responsible for any misinterpretation or non-professional reliance herein.